Womack Report

February 4, 2009

No updates in a while.

Filed under: General — Phillip Womack @ 4:16 pm

I haven’t been good about updating this page for a while.  I’ve been too busy with work.

Work itself is going well.  I think I’ve mostly settled in.  I won’t be saying much more that that; I’ve been asked to keep the company off of my private website, which is fair enough.  That’s also why two previous posts have vanished. 

I primarily use this space as a personal journal anyhow; as far as I know, no one besides me and spam robots reads it on any regular basis.  There’s a valid point to be made that putting my personal thoughts about privileged conersations up in a public medium isn’t a good idea, so I’ll quit that.

Otherwise, things are mostly going well.  House hunting is frustrating.  James will be getting sent to Afghanistan in a few weeks; that’s going to be tough on everyone, but we knew what the score was.  Need to do some more drawing before I forget how.

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