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April 13, 2015

Dog is sick.

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Sara is not doing well.

When she came in last night, she was having a hard time picking up her toys.  Took a good look at her, and one side of her jaw was all swollen up.  And she’s generally very subdued.  Not as active and playful as usual.

It’s always hard to tell what’s going on with labs, because they don’t complain about stuff.  At least, not little stuff like, you know, pain.  She’ll complain plenty about being outside in the yard when it’s dark out.

It’s looking a little worse this morning.  I’m taking her to the vet.  The actual doctors don’t arrive there until 9:00, so that’s when I’m planning to show up.  I’m worried that she’s got an abcessed tooth or something.

Not great timing for this, since I’ve got a job interview this afternoon, but not awful, either.  Shouldn’t be any trouble making the interview, it’s just the usual problem where everything happens all at once.  You do what needs to be done when it needs to be done, not when it’s convenient.

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