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March 31, 2015

Orchid season again

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Orchid blooming

Orchid blooming


My little orchid is blooming again.  I post this mainly to taunt the family member who gave it to me originally.  When my parents bought a new house, my mother lost her window box, and consequently had to get rid of a few plants.  Which she mostly did by pawning them off on me.  She received this particular orchid as a gift at some point.  It was blooming when she got it, but after those blooms fell off, it never bloomed again for her.  She had it for years.

In MY window box, it has bloomed roughly twice a year for the last seven years.  And always 4+ flowers at a time.  It’s in the running for best houseplant ever, because it’s incredibly easy to take care of.  I dump water on it every three weeks or so, and it just plugs right along.  The leaves are trying to escape the pot, but that seems to be normal orchid behavior.

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